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Lazada mess up my order

Last month I pre-order 1 item from Lazada and yesterday I got sms that my ordered is cancelled and the refund is being processed, and the email explanation they gave is:
Dear xxx , Our terms & conditions allow a maximum of one voucher to be redeemed per order. Thus please be informed that we have cancelled the order below. You can place this order again without using a voucher.
Which I think quite absurd because even though it's true I bought it using voucher code when there is lazada tech sale, but I only used 1 voucher and actually in their system we can only input 1 voucher code only.

When I chat with their customer support what he said is the issue is the voucher code can only be used once not multiple time, but the fact is on that week I only buy 1 item so it's impossible I used it multiple time.
 My friend which bought the same item also got his order cancelled with the same reason, but he show…
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United Nations Pre-selection test

Other than YPP (YPP Experience), I also try to apply some of the job vacancy directly and for some of the opening the first step in the selection process is to complete a standard pre-selection test using the United Nations Online Examinations and Test Section.

So after applying, within the next 1-2 months, you will get couples of emails from UN:
1. Your User Account in the United Nations Online Examinations and Tests Section
2. Enrolment in the United Nations Sample - ITECNET Standard Pre-Selection Test
3. Enrolment in the United Nations ITECNET Standard Pre-Selection Test

The sample will be opened 1 week before the real test, for the sample we can try couple of times and there is no time limit but for the real exam once you start the test you must complete it and you will have 120 minutes to complete the whole test.

So what is this standard pre-selection about?
The standard pre-selection test will test our social reasoning approach, the test will give us some job related scenario…

How to buy stock in Interactive Broker TWS

I always read in forum that Interactive broker platform is difficult to use that's why some people reluctant to use them, but actually in my experience for normal buy sell transaction it's quite easy and there is not much differences with any other platform like Standchart or Maybank KimEng.

I'll show you how below:
1. Login to Trader Work Station (TWS) - see How to convert currency in Interactive Broker
2. You will get the screen like this
Put your stock code (No 1) above for example we put "AAPL", after you click Enter you will have the screen on the right. Choose from which exchange do you want to buy. for this one I want to buy AAPL stock from NASDAQ so I choose the first one "Stock (SMART)".Choose buy (No 2).Fill the quantity (No 3).Fill the limit price on which you want to buy the stock (No 4).on (No 5) above there is advance tab where you can choose more advance option like AllOrNone option. Click submit and wait until your order filled, if you want y…

What I learn from refinance & repricing my home loan

Early last year I refinance my home loan from UOB to DBS because it's already 3 years and my rate is going up, I choose DBS because their spread is fixed for the whole loan tenure, at that time the DBS loan officer told me that the rate will go up so better to settle now at that time I got rate FHR18 + 1.25% which is 1.85%.

But turn out after couple of month I check DBS have new rate FHR18 + 0.9% which come to 1.5% only for the whole loan tenure so not even 1 year since I refinance I already need to reprice my home loan again, there is repricing fee but for 0.35% difference it will breakeven in only half year.

What I learn from my experience doing refinance and repricing:
1. The officer will always try to give an impression that the loan package is on limited time, that they will increase the rate soon, it's happened to me when I'm refinance and it happened again when I want to reprice, and guess what just now I check DBS just reduce the rate again they have new…

How to convert currency in Interactive Brokers

Before you can buy share/ETF from interactive brokers, first you need to convert your currency to USD first, below I'll show you how to easily convert your money to USD and vice versa.

1. download Trade Work Station (TWS) from IB website.

2.After login to the system, if you want to buy USD from SGD, put USD.SGD in the order entry box, USD.SGD buy mean you want to buy USD from SGD, USD.SGD sell mean you want to sell USD to buy SGD
 3. In the advance button, choose destination FXCONV (the default is IDEALPRO) and click buy
 4. If you get message "No permission" when you try to trade, go to your profile in account management web, go to Manage Account -> Account Information -> Details -> Financial information, from there you need to update your investment experience in Forex.

That's it, now you can use your USD to buy any USD dominated ETF you want.

Choosing my core portfolio - part 2 (Bond)

For bond part of my ETF investment it's a bit harder compare to the equity part.
In Singapore there is obvious choice which is A35 - ABF SG bond ETF, if I'm Singaporean I will definitely buy that, but I'm not Singaporean so I don't know yet whether I will retired in Singapore and as a PR I already have CPF so I don't think I will buy A35.

For the Bond I want to have corporate and government bond with the same criteria as equity ETF
1. Acceptable AUM (> 200 Million)
2. Physical replication
3. Low expense ratio (> 0.3%)

I look into SPDR and Vanguard but most of their bond ETF option has low AUM, so I left with not many choices:
1. SUAG - iShares US Aggregate Bond ETF, Credit Quality AA, AUM 960Million, TER 0.25%, YTM 2.52%
2. LQDE - iShares $ Corp Bond ETF, Credit Quality A, AUM 6.3Billion, TER 0.2%, YTM 3.23%
3. CORP - iShares Global Corp Bond ETF, Credit Quality A, AUM 1Billion, TER 0.2%, YTM 2,43%
4. SEMB - iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond ETF, Credit Quality BB, AUM …

Choosing my core portfolio - part 1 (Equity)

Since I sell all of my unit trust, I plan to use the cash to buy ETF from London stock exchange, at first I'm divided between buying the ETF from US or buying Ireland domicile ETF from LSE or HK ETF.

After some research I found out the benefit of buying US domicile ETF are:
1. Higher trading volume and tighter spread compare to the ETF in LSE
2. More choices, for example: I check all big provider like iShare, Vanguard, SPDR but there's no good option for small cap ETF, sectors ETF or income ETF in LSE, most of them has low AUM and low trading volume.
3. Lower expense ratio.
4. Higher AUM.

The benefit of buying Ireland domicile ETF or HK ETF are:
1. No dividend witholding tax, US have 30% dividend witholding tax.
2. Higher estate tax limit (US limit is only $60k)

But because I decide to buy and hold, I think the extra cost of wider spread and less ETF option will not be a problem for me.
So I start looking around for ETF in LSE and HK, my criteria are:
1. Low expen…